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Welcome to my official website! I, Patty Duke, am proud to share my multifaceted experiences and creativity with you. Here you will find my biography, full of highlights and significant events that have shaped me as an actress and person. My awards and accomplishments are a story of the success and hardships I have gone through.

In the 'Involvement' section, you can learn about my contribution to various projects and social initiatives. I have always strived to support and inspire people through my art and social activities.

The photo gallery and videos will open up the world of my work in film and television. Here you will find unique footage from my movies, TV shows and personal life. And in the Twitter section you can follow my current news and thoughts.

I also invite you to check out my books, which reveal my views and experiences on a deeper level. Your participation and interest in my life and work inspires me to keep creating and sharing with you. Welcome to my world!